Follow up on the latest improvements andΒ updates.


Vatom Spaces 1.8.522 has been released!
✨ New Features
Updated configuration for Photobooth Plugin and Emoji Sawp
Emoji Swap Game Plugin:
New optional setting to control the Emoji plugin with the Emoji Swap Game. Users can only emote with emoji once they've earned them through the game.
Photobooth Plugin:
Guests with ReadyPlayerMe avatar systems can be made to automatically face the camera while in a photobooth zone. Once a user stops moving in the zone, their avatar will rotate automatically to face the camera.
βœ¨πŸ› Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with
Photobooth Plugin
so that all guests who are in the photobooth now see the "Take Photo" and "View Photo" toast message.
Fixed a bug with
Fixed an issue where the Wallet would lock up user interaction in the space if all registration Terms & Conditions are not accepted.
Vatom Spaces 1.8.519 has been released!
πŸ› Bug Fixes
This release fixes a number of issues around grouping objects and render distance.
  • Excessive Draw Calls and poly count showing in cloned spaces
  • Large objects disappearing randomly
  • Groups with objects outside of the render distance causing errors
Vatom Spaces 1.8.516 has been released!
✨ New Features
Easier customization of the Avatar directly from the login screen. Simply click the default avatar on the Spaces landing page to personalize your digital self.
βœ¨πŸ› Bug Fixes
Fixed several bugs around objects with click interactions being placed in folders.
Fixed an issue where the skybox would flash when entering or exiting a zone
Fixed an issue where the wallet was visible behind the scene.
We've moderated the auto-generated names for guests
to prevent potentially sensitive or offensive names from being created for your guests. "Alluring Cockroach" and the like will no longer be attending your events (unless that's the name they prefer).
Vatom Spaces 1.8.510 & 1.8.511 have been released!
✨ New Features
Separate Environment Maps and Skymap
: In order for scene objects to reflect a different image than the visible skybox, you can now customize each separately.
is the visible image surrounding the scene.
Environment Map
is the image reflected by PBR objects in your scene.
: The in-spaces wallet has been updated to the latest SDK, focused on the objects from the space's community.
πŸ› Bug Fixes
Multiple objects can be dragged into and out of folders in the editor window. Use Command + Click to select multiple objects.
Fixed several small bugs causing console errors.
✨ New Features
A re-worked audio system improves overall audio stream consistency and local chat experience.
If you experience any audio disconnections, please submit a report
πŸ› Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where screen sharing could stop after a few minutes.
Fixed a number of console errors.
Place on Wall tool now works as expected with screens and objects in groups
Vatom Spaces Version 1.8.501 through Version 1.8.506 have been released! 🏷️
πŸ› Bug Fixes
Fix for OIDC logins.
Fixed an issue with space portals placing the users in the wrong area after walking through them.
Reduce the amount of errors on the start page of a space.
Fixed an error that displays "No user ID has been found" error when navigating to an event link.
Fixed child object of a group's render distance not displaying correctly when objects were at a far distance.
✨ New Features
Fog Settings:
Use Fog to 'blur' objects in the distance in coordination with your Render Distance to help create worlds that feel infinite, but are continuously loading as guests explore off into the distance.
Fog now has two different setting formats, Linear Fog and Exponential fog. Give each one a test and see what feels right for your space, found in the World Editor > Environment Settings.
We're thrilled to unveil the redesigned Landing Page for Spaces. Here's what's new:
Modern Aesthetics
Our team has brought in a sleek, contemporary design that not only resonates with the modern-day digital landscape but also is aesthetically pleasing to all our users.
Full Customization with Vatom Studio
We understand that every Space is unique. With that in mind, we've made sure that our new landing page is fully customizable via Vatom Studio, giving you the reins to craft an entrance that matches the vibe of your space.
Even MORE customization options!
Customize blur amount, brightness, or separate images for desktop and mobile.
Streamlined Authentication
Ease-of-access was top-of-mind when we were working on this redesign. Now, attendees can choose from multiple login options, including Enterprise SSO. For those seeking a quick jump into the experience, the option to join as a guest or anonymously ensures that no one is left out.
Enhanced Security
To give hosts more control, spaces can now be optionally secured with Allowl (Token Gating), a Password, or even a Guest list entry, ensuring that the right audience gets in every time.
Customize Your Virtual Presence with 'Ready Player Me'
Before entering the Space, attendees can now select or customize their very own 3D avatars via 'Ready Player Me'. Dive into an immersive experience with a persona that’s uniquely you!
With these enhancements, we believe that every attendee's journey, right from the landing page to the heart of the Space, will be more engaging, secure, and tailor-made.
We're beyond thrilled to announce a feature that we believe will redefine the way businesses interact with events happening in real-time. Say hello to Firehose! πŸ”₯πŸ’§
What is Firehose?
In its simplest form, Firehose is an event-driven powerhouse that allows you to subscribe and receive events when something interesting takes place within your organization.
How Does It Work?
Getting started with Firehose is straightforward:
  1. Log in to Vatom Studio, Click on your Profile Photo, and select Firehose from the drop-down
  2. Register your Webhook (HTTPS) endpoint.
  3. Subscribe to the events that concern you.
  4. VoilΓ ! You're all set to start receiving real-time events.
Below is a JSON sample that gives an idea of a typical Firehose event.
"id": "012345670123456701234567012345670123456701234567",
"type": "space.zoneEntered",
"created": "2023-10-13T18:57:39.726Z",
"apiVersion": "2023-01-01",
"data": {
"userId": "PlaceholderUserId",
"businessId": "PlaceholderBizId",
"spaceId": "PlaceholderSpaceId",
"zoneId": "01234567-abcd-abcd-abcd-0123456789ab"
The event showcased above indicates that a user has entered a specific zone within a space, and your business has opted to track such occurrences.
Full documentation for configuring webhooks to capture specified types of firehose events and event schema are now available from the Developer Portal at Firehose Events.




Vatom Spaces v1.8.499

Version 1.8.498 and Version 1.8.499 have been released! 🏷️
πŸ› Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Mobile guests were being shown an invalid credit card error.
Fixed an issue where guests could freely change their microphone context without the correct privileges.
Fixed an issue where presenters sharing their screen could accidentally close their screenshare by clicking the preview window.
Fixed an issue where the vertical position was not recognized and guests were placed underneath the map when first loading or returning to the space.
✨ New Features
Object Texture Settings:
Object textures for planes and other default shapes can now be replaced with a URL from storage as well as uploading and replacing the file directly.
Presentation Zone Updates:
Several updates around presentation zones and presenter management.
Presentation Screenshare to In-World Screens:
Presentation Zones can now have an in-world screen directly connected. Presenters in the zone do not have to click the screen to screenshare, only choose "Screen" in the bottom control panel, and their screenshare will be directed to the in-world screen. This reduces some complexity around presenting in a zone.
If there is no screen connected to the zone, screenshare appears in the standard popup window. If a second user tries to share their screen, it will appear in a popup window.
Presenter Management:
When a presenter has a stage mic it is visualized in the People Menu's presentation zone category. The stage mic icon will appear if the user has a stage mic, and will be red or green depending on if their stage mic is muted.
Stage Mics:
The presenter
is now called a "Stage Mic" when within a presentation zone. You can give presenters and guests a "stage mic" to allow them to speak to everyone within the zone.
Version 1.8.497 has been released! 🏷️
πŸ› Bug Fixes
Grouping: Fixed an issue where objects in a group would snap to global position instead of grouped position, causing objects to "disappear". Objects should stay in position relative to the group centerpoint.
Disc Avatar Rotation: When using the "View Object" or other view-locking features, the disc avatars stay always facing the camera.
✨ New Features
Places Menu Visibility: You can now limit the visibility of Places Menu items by role. Create specific places that are only visible to Admins, Admins & Presenters, Presenters Only, or as usual, they can be visible to Everyone. You can still leave places visible in the list as "Inactive".
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